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Most companies today focus their strength and energy on R&D, quality control, advertisement, training of staff, and many other areas of business while neglecting or paying little attention to their Account Receivables (AR). At Global Financial services, we help organizations improve their cash flow, quality and flexibility, save time, and increase their profit margin through state-of-the-art Account Receivable (AR) function. We ensure that your company will receive more money from your customers/clients and on time.

Global Financial services ensure that you generate faster payments, reduce the time and money on customer/clients communication, and improve AR rates so that you can focus on the most important, business-improving task – making more profit. Our payment processing offers various automated and online payment features: phone (IVR) payments, email bill delivery, e-check payments, and debit card payments with real-time authorization to make payment very easy for your clients. Our flexible and complete AR service also allows you to establish the best relationship with your customers, and also allow you to reclaim revenues that could have been lost when using conventional AR method.

With a single click, you’ll be able to access your documents and clients’ information online. You can also have the information on CDs, saving you a whole lot of warehousing expenses.

With Global Financial services, You’re Guaranteed To Receive More Within A Short Period With Our Premium Technologies.

Our unique technology will allow you the opportunity to interact with your clients using electronic bills, invoices, and monthly statements. We make the document of each of your customers available in an electronic version that can be accessed by your staff from any computer…24/7…at any time, saving you a lot of money on mail and print cost, increasing your market through targeted cross marketing, and improving efficiencies in customer service.

Our Billing

Could your billing cycle benefit from a perfect blend of lock box technology, electronic payment option, traditional payment methods, and secure online billing? Today, smarter organizations are embracing electronic billing and payment processes, and you need to embrace this approach as well for greater efficiency of your business.

With our Account Receivable service, your billing process would be enhanced, helping you to get paid on time, improving customer satisfaction, and strengthening your billing cycle.

It is also important for your clients to have a lot of payment options to choose from and for you to clearly understand their payment status and responsibilities, which will encourage their prompt payment and reduce delinquent accounts. Inefficient billing can seriously hurt your bottom line.

As important as the Account Receivable process is the reporting of payment activities. You’ll be able to track, audit, and control collections with our payment activity report. And any of your staff can also access the billing information of your clients from any computer 24/7.